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Check your hoses!

The 6-fold hose is a vital part of your robot. Protecting the hose and the milk inside of it is important. Guards are used to prevent the hose from directly rubbing on the ground. Constant rubbing on the hose can cause the hose to eventually split and result in vacuum loss and potentially milk loss.

Sometimes the guards may slide and get displaced from their effective position. A daily visual check is recommended to make sure your hoses don’t wear away. If the guard isn’t in the correct position it's just a matter of moving it and re-tightening the bolts.

The new hose guards also don't slide around near as much, if you would like new guards, ask our Route Specialist as he will have them on with him. If you need to replace the hoses, call the service line and they will make sure to get a new set to you.

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