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Did you know? Changing bladders/milk pump cartridge

Where can I see the number of milkings on my milk bladders (or milk pump cartridge as Lely calls it)?

If you are currently running A4 robots on your farm, this is most likely something you've asked or looked for before. This might not be your preferred way to track this information but there is a place to view and update the last time and date the bladders were changed on every robot and from there keep track of the number of milkings each of them has done so far.

1- If not done already, you'll need to download the "system" app on your iphone or android device.

2- Once you downloaded the app and connected it to your farm, open the app and simply select the robot you wish to update or view

3- If you wish to update the last time you changed the bladder on that robot, select cartridge at the top right

4- Change the date and time

5- To view the last time and date the bladder was changed on that specific robot, simply scroll to the bottom of the page to view the "wear parts" section

The number of milkings, date, and time will automatically update once you save the last time the part was changed.

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