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Gotta keep 'em lubricated

Lely introduced a lubrication set for the A3/A4 arm cylinders and fast-switching valves back in September 2020. By lubricating the X-cylinder, Z-cylinder, and valves, there is less wear and smoother operation of the arm movement system resulting in an increased lifetime of parts. The lubrication set replaces the current greasing system of the valves and must be continuously applied.

The lubricator container is 250ml and the oil comes in a quantity of 500ml. The oil usage is dependent on the amount of milkings, but as a rough estimate the 500ml of oil should last approximately 1.5 – 2 years. The return on investment is approximated at 4-5 years.

Contact your account manager or the WCR service line for any inquiries about this product.

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