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Improve feed accuracy with one simple click!

It is often said that there’s 3 different rations that the cows get – one that the nutritionist balances, one that the farmer/feeder makes and mixes, and one that the cows eat. In an ideal world, all 3 rations would be the exact same. What can we do in a Vector system to help improve the accuracy of each ingredient, thus of all the rations made?

There are of course multiple ways to do so such as managing chop length in the field, doing regular calibration, and maintenance for example. But the one tip we are talking about here is using the “Kitchen Fill Mode”. Not only is it used for safety measures - to prevent injuries from moving equipment while loading the kitchen and damaging the equipment at the same time - but it does have one important benefit. It helps to improve accuracy! How so? The grabber weight estimation feature accumulates data as it uses a block or bale to make more accurate grabs. This is even more important when the grabber is loading low inclusion rate ingredients such as straw. If it never gets reset by the kitchen fill mode, it potentially is still using data from past blocks and bales. This in turn can make grabs less exact and takes more time for the grabber to take that “less-exact” grab. Additionally, this is not only true for the grabber, but for the augers as well.

Benefits from Kitchen Fill Mode:

  • Keep all your body parts on your body.

  • Keep all your equipment's aesthetic and functioning parts intact (keep more money in your bank account).

  • "Vintage" blocks remembered (blocks that were already filled will be remembered).

  • Improve feed accuracy (improve margin by saving feed cost and/or improve cow's health).

For more information or questions, contact our FMS department or our technician in the Feed department.

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