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Vector Farms! DM Change in Horizon

Horizon Version 1.6.3 will bring a long-awaited fix! Once the change takes place, changing the DM/KG of a feed will automatically update the KG/cow AS FED in the ration page. Previously when changing the dry matter % of a feed stuff, the ration would keep the AS Fed amounts the same as previous ration and alter the DM Fed amounts to meet the intended dry matter percentage change. This has always been a backwards way of re-balancing the ration. In version 1.6.3 this will be resolved. With this bug fix you will now be able to make a feed stuff dry matter % change and the ration will adjust the AS Fed amounts to correct for the moisture change.

As you can see in the picture below, when the DM% of the Third Cut grass feed type is changed from 45% to 55%, the kg DM per cow remains at 9.45, but the kg per cow decreases from 21 to 17.2.

To summarize, you will no longer need to go into the ration after making the dry matter % change to re-enter the correct as fed amounts. It is, however, advised to always double check ration fed amounts any time you make an update to a Vector ration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your FMS specialist.

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