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Keeping your compressor clean

* As information can change over time, if you read this outside of 6 months from the original post date, please confirm with your WCR advisor that the information is still valid and accurate.*

The red Atlas Copco box that is usually shoved in the corner of a room and never to be seen again, is actually a very vital part of a robotic dairy system. Which means keeping it well maintained is important too! Although these compressors get maintained on every maintenance visit from our group of technicians, it is not a bad idea to clean out the filters occasionally. Keeping the compressor room clean, free of chemicals and well ventilated is not only recommended, but an Atlas Copco requirement.

Having a well ventilated room is the first start to keeping your compressor clean. Exhausting out the hot air and keeping a dust free environment can be accomplished with the right set-up.

The compressor room should be clutter free and have no chemicals stored inside. In order for the compressor to produce clean compressed air for the robot it can't be sucking in chemical vapours and dust through its system.

Lastly, cleaning the pre-filters on a regular basis is a good way to keep your compressor running efficiently. Every compressor manifold should have a blow gun attached to it for blowing out these filters or the filters can be removed and washed out in the sink.

If you have any questions about your compressor, don't hesitate to call our service team!

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