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Let it Rain!

West Coast Robotics is extremely excited about our newest product, the Rain 360! This is the first time in our company’s history that we have moo-ved from the barn to the fields. Rain 360 is the newest and most innovative product in irrigation equipment: a completely autonomous robot that has the ability to spread water and manure at the base of each individual corn stalk throughout the entire growing season. Yes, you read that right; it spreads manure and water. One unit can effectively irrigate and fertilize 160 acres with 0.5 inches of water in just one week. I know what you're thinking—too good to be true, right? The Rain 360 has been available in the United States for over 2 years now and has over 40 units running throughout the US heartland.

If you would like more information about Rain 360 please contact your local Sales Representative.


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