Milk Quality Test Results and Sub Account(s) Set-Up

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The Board wants to remind producers that if you do not set up milk test results notifications in the new MMS system, you will NOT receive emailed test results.

The new BCMMB system took effect August 1st and consequently West Coast Robotics has stopped receiving milk quality test results, as you probably did. To ensure proper milk quality follow up, please follow the steps below to set up the emails once again:

Once you have access to your new producer account, please note the following:

1) Milk Quality test results email notifications will need to be set up in the new system for your account in order to continue receiving your test result notifications. Once signed into your producer MMS account, click on the “Test Results” dropdown on the left side of the screen and select “Producer Test Notification”. Then click on “create” and fill in the email address. Specific test results can be selected, or you can click the box that states, “Notify whenever new test results are processed and available online” and click save. This enables all new test results to be emailed (page 31 of the MMS user guide).

To set up West Coast Robotics to receive the milk quality test results, please set the email to

2) You will need to create sub-accounts for other users (family, farm manager, feed rep, etc.) due to the sensitive, secure nature of the “Primary Account” (page 6 of the MMS user guide - see the link below)

1. Log in to the producer site (see “Producer Account Overview” for instructions)

2. On the top of your screen, you will see your name and the option to logout

3. When you click on the ‘Welcome Last Name, First Name’, you will be directed to this page

4. Click on ‘Add’ in the ‘Sub-Accounts’ area

5. To set up West Coast Robotics as a sub-account, please set the info as follow:

Username: Your Irma number+wcr (ex. 12-345wcr)

Password: Wcr5532

Roles: Producer - Test Results


6. Click Save

To set up Milk Quality Test Notifications and Sub Account(s), please click on the link to see the MMS User Guide on the BCMMB website: MMS User Guide

BC Milk Office Training Staff are available to assist producers with the transition to the new IT system. Producers can call, email, or visit the office for one-on-one assistance with our new MMS system. If you have any questions, please contact:

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