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Never Enough Feed Fiends?

I am sure we have all seen that ‘can’t get enough’ cow licking feed at soon as it drops out of the feed tube. Lely has designed a stainless steel feed bin that comes with an ‘Anti-Feed Tube Instant Dispense Addiction Reducer’. It’s just my term for it, don’t blame Lely.


It incorporates a Stainless bar just below the drop tubes. It minimizes feed loss and cow mouth drool from getting up into the feed tubes, which can affect the Feed Presence sensor from getting “gummed” up. Yep, that was a bad pun. May also reduce rodent visits (Not yet proven however).  Here’s Lely’s version….


“An improved feedbin is now introduced on newly produced Astronaut A5 robots. Within this feedbin an additional pipe is. The purpose of this pipe is to centralize the head of the cow within the feedbin. This will reduce the amount of space for the cow to move their head during the feeding process which have a positive impact on feed spillage”.


It is available for A4 and A5 Robots.

OOO so shiny!

Reach out to your visiting technician or at anytime your Account Manager if interested.

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