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Prevent Robot Alarms - Time Change

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

How to prevent night alarms when daylight saving time ends.

Message for farmers about T4C Computer wintertime settings

In the night of November 2 to 3, the T4C computers will switch to standard time (wintertime) in many areas in the world. It is possible for Astronaut alarms to occur at night, resulting from the time change. Milking end-time can appear to be earlier than milking start-time, which triggers the alarm. Lely advices technicians or farmers to change the time setting beforehand, at a moment the Astronauts are not milking:

1. Take robots out of operation; make sure no main cleaning is active at that moment (recommended to do this on the day of the time change).

2. Go to the T4C PC and do the following:

a. Right-mouse click on the time and date button on the task bar -> click on adjust date/time:

b. Click on ‘Change time zone in Windows 7.’ If you are using Windows 10; go to step c.

c. Uncheck / Disable the option ‘Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time.’ Afterwards check and confirm that the clock on the computer has indeed adjusted.

3. The computer is now immediately adjusted to wintertime, which will avoid any problems at the moment the clock is officially adjusted.

4. Put robots back in operation.

5. If you want to adjust the setting back to automatic, again make sure to do this while the robot is out of operation.

Call your service department if you need help with this procedure.

**This will affect other data you see on your dashboard**

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