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Reducing grain and keeping cows interested in the robot

Reducing grain at the robot:

Grain will be scarce for most dairies in the coming days and weeks. Quick couple tips on how to reduce grain at the robot. Here are 3 different options:

  1. Reduce feed tables by desired %

  2. Go to data entry - settings - feeding - feed type - last column called temporary increase/decrease - enter a negative value.This will reduce all the cows by the specified amount

  3. Increase your calibration at the robot. If you wish to reduce your feeding to the cows by 50%, double your calibration amount. If the robot is calibrated at 25, this means 250g. Change the value for 500g. This tricks the robot in thinking it fed twice the amount it actually fed. The computer will appear as if it is still feeding the same amount. This allows you to keep proportions according to your feed tables but lower the amounts fed by a certain percentage.

  4. If you have access to other grains and have the equipment for it, mix your rolled barley (or other) with the robot pellets you have left. This will help stretch out your pellets.

  5. You can also feed mash through your robots. If your robots are not equipped with commodity feeders, keep an eye on them for bridging.

See #2 above

Keeping cows interested in the robot:

Here's a couple quick tips on keeping your cows interested in the robot:

  1. As mentioned above, anyway to stretch out the available grain through the robot.

  2. If you have Titania liquid feeders, fill it with liquid molasses.

  3. If you still have mash in your PMR, consider taking it completely out of the ration and through the robot instead.

  4. Get lick blocks from your feed company or local feed store. If none available, you can make your own at home - if you have the right ingredients. Something similar to the video below.

  5. Any blocks would be better than nothing at all so if you can get salt or mineral blocks then that would be something at the very least.

Call your feed advisor or FMS consultant for help or more details and recommendations.

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