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Reports in Horizon

Reports in Horizon

Reports are an essential element in Horizon for optimal herd management. There are many reports, and these reports contain a lot of data. Every farmer has his or her own preferred way of monitoring the farm to their need, and thereby how and what data is useful in a report. Because of this, it is key to personalize the reports. Do you want to know what options are there to personalize the data and order of reports, what the improved functionalities are and how to use them? Continue reading this article.

Favorite reports

In Horizon the favorite reports will be visible on the dashboard, the maximum number of reports shown in the widget is 10. From version 1.4.1 you click on the ‘Edit’ button in the widget. Now you can set the reports in the preferred order and select the ones visible.

Tip: when you find it challenging to determine which 10 reports should be visible, look critically at the ones that are already a task, such as the health report and the fetch cow list. As a task it will be visible at the right moment on the dashboard and you can mark it as done, so it is not needed to have this as a favorite report anymore.

Personalize column order

The column order in a report can be changed by clicking on the column, holding it until the column is at the preferred place. The new order is saved automatically.

Sorting data

Sorting data in reports is possible by clicking on the header. If you want to sort based on multiple headers, you can press CTRL and at the same time click on the columns you would like to sort. The sorting order of the headers is indicated by numbers. These changes are saved automatically.

Filter option

This is a new functionality added to some reports; a filter icon in the right upper corner is shown when the filter option is available. By clicking on this icon, the filter menu will open, which allows the user to search based on specific criteria. Currently this filter is added to the reports Calendar – Overview all cows, Calendar – Reproduction check, Transfer animals and Device indications.

Hide columns

Some reports have the possibility to hide columns. To do this, click on the list symbol in the right upper corner. This opens the window to (de)select columns and change order.

Tooltips & help pages

On the overview page with the reports, you can find the available tooltip and a link to the relevant help page. If you have questions about the calculation behind the data in the report, you can click on this tooltip and access the help page. If there are any questions left after reading this document, do not hesitate to contact the Systems team via LSS.

For more information or questions, contact your FMS Specialist

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