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Robot Swap in 8 hours!

Tuesday December 4th was a big test for our team here at West Coast Robotics.

The feat: Dismount and pull out existing robots to put in new A5s in place and get them to milk cows within the same day.

The goal: Turn off the exisiting robots at 8am and get the A5 running by 3pm.

The first challenge was to figure out how to dismount a robot we have no experience working with. The second was to fit the A5 in the exisiting footprint of the robot room. Well... all the challenges were crushed with support from Lely, the Klop family and the West Coast Robotics team. Amazing team work! We missed our goal by 1h and milked the first cow at 4pm. Nonetheless that was only 8 hours of down time and every single cow went through the new robots by 4am the next day giving an average of over 20kg/milking due to the downtime. The cows barely skipped a beat! See below for a small recap video =>

Congratulations to the Klop Family at Pacific Rim Dairies!!

We are happy to partner with you in your future success!!

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