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The Lely Luna Brush - Enhancing Cow Comfort

The cow brush market is quite diverse and filled with many different options for the farmer to choose from. What is important for a good brush? A cow brush needs to be sturdy. Cows enjoy putting pressure against it as they used to do in pastures when brushing against old oak trees. Cows will not enjoy a brush where they cannot push against it. Another aspect for a good brush is to be able to groom spots cows cannot reach by themselves, like the head, neck, back and thighs. That makes the Lely Luna brush a good solution for the cow to reach all the hard to reach spots on her body.

The Lely Luna brush is one of the most energy-efficient cow brushes on the market, with a max output power of 300 watts. It is also one of the lightest; resulting in easier installation, as well as being dust proof and water resistant. We have also found that installing a Luna brush in strategic locations near a feed bunk or water source entices cows to get up, get a good scratch, and since she's up, she is more likely to get a drink of water and a bite to eat resulting in greater milk production.

Why choose the Luna brush?

  • All the hard to reach spots on the cow’s body can be brushed due to horizontal brush placement (including under the tail).

  • Cow can put the pressure against the brush to have a good scratch.

  • Easy activation of the brush.

  • Low energy consumption.

  • Lightweight for easy installation.

  • Wide installation possibilities – from wall to stall beams.

  • Good quality components for a long lifetime.

Luna maintenance tip

To get the longest service life out of your Luna – keep an eye out for a brush that looks like a thin twisted ball of brushes. Cows are more likely to apply more weight to the brush as it is no longer effective at scratching that itch anymore. All that extra pressure can over time stall out or even cause the motor to fail prematurely, costing a lot more than just swapping out the brush drum entirely.

Feel free to call our team at 1-866-601-5532! Press '2' to get a technician from the feeding department and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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