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What's that noise?

Sanitary Trap Maintenance

Do you hear a leaking noise coming from your sanitary trap? If so it most likely needs a bit of attention. The pre-milk from the cow gets flushed out through the sanitary trap along with some wash water. These traps tend to build up a bit of cheese over time. This can cause the seal on the bottom to leak vacuum. At first it might just be a slight leaking noise that is just annoying and not causing any real issues. If left for too long though this can lead to vacuum deviation alarms and potentially cause milking issues. This can easily be fixed by:

1- taking the robot out of operation

2- taking off the bottom drain

3- cleaning it well

The silicone seal on the drain should be pushed up nice and tight and fully sealed. Reassemble and put the robot back in operation. The leak and the noise should have disappeared.

Don't leave abnormal noises become part of your normal! Always contact the service line early to save unnecessary costs.

Your milking technicians are here to help!

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