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Acute Inactive Notifications in Horizon

As information can change over time, If you read this outside of 6 months from the original post date, please confirm with your WCR advisor that the information is still valid and accurate.

The functionality "Acute Inactive" is designed to help farmers detect inactive cows at an early stage. This feature is crucial for monitoring the health and well-being of cows. The table below provides an overview of which tags contain this Acute Inactive functionality and offers insight into how the Acute Inactive status is calculated.

The importance of Acute Inactive lies in its ability to immediately identify cows with health issues or distress, allowing farmers to take timely action to address their needs. This proactive approach can help improve the overall health and productivity of the herd.

The table is likely to include details such as thresholds and criteria used to determine when a cow is classified as Acute Inactive. These criteria may include parameters related to cow activity, eating behaviour, rumination patterns or other relevant factors (lactation days, etc.). By monitoring these parameters, the system can identify cows that deviate from normal behaviour, which may indicate underlying health problems.

Create alarm/notifications in Horizon

To add alarm notifications in Horizon, open the Manage tab in the left pane and select Notifications in the People section.

Here you can create a new notification by clicking the "+" button in the top left side.

  • Enter a Name for the alarm

  • Select the User that needs to receive the notifications

  • Select the Time frame to receive the notifications

  • Select Alarm Type.

For more information or questions, contact your FMS Specialist

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