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E-Link Tab Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather can reduce the responsiveness of the touchscreen of the E-Link Tab. To resolve this lack of responsiveness the following best practices are recommended:

1. Make sure the robot control room is frost free (keep the temperature on 5 degrees Celsius or higher). When the screen is cold, a thin layer of moist or ice can gather on the surface. Although barely visible, this water influences the screen a lot.

2. Similar to smartphones, the screen has a protective foil when shipped. Sometimes this is not very visible, with the risk of it being overlooked. Make sure the foil is removed from the screen.

3. Clean with a soft moist cloth and make sure the screen is dry afterwards. Some cleaning chemicals leave a layer on the screen that influences the touch response.

4. Cold and dry hands have less electrical characteristics; therefore the screen is less responsive. To use a pen specifically designed for capacitive screens can solve this problem.

5. Set a password on the E-Link Tab if there are unwanted ‘ghost’ touches

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